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Breaking news: otservers will be officially launched in summer/autumn 2022!

Before the official start, it will be possible to establish cooperation between us and your server. The application for cooperation can be sent to the email: with topic "cooperation 2022".

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Preview version

We present a preview version of our servers list. Servers and statistics are updated on a regular basis. You can browse and adding servers. This is not the final version and it is stripped of many functions. We have made it available to collect feedback, comments, opinions, bugs and learn about the behavior of our systems under real conditions. Currently, there may be bugs and distortions of statistics due to disabled "anti-spoof" system. We will be soon analyze any servers and train our systems to detect, let's call it gently, "anomalies" in the number of online players. Servers with detected spoof will be marked with a special flag and will not be highly positioned on the server list but will not be removed from it.

otservers will be officially released in 2021/2022. Until then, it is is a preview version. Some information about the servers (in particular: multipliers, information about allowed bot / multiclient) may not be true.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or just want to chat - contact us.

Yours sincerely,
otservers team.
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